Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Jamaican Police Take Aim at Human Traffickers Bitcoin Pockets

n While digital currencies offer alternative forms of payment...

With $5000 Bitcoin Price In Sight, Whats To Come for Altcoins

n The evidence that some users have been shorting...

Barry Silbert Agreement Loses Support As SurBTC Exchange Appeals to Bitcoin Core Devs

n Sides are being drawn in the SegWit2x preparations,...

Why Investors are Going All-In on Bitcoin Major Japanese Crypto Exchange CEO

n Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming a norm even...

BTC-es Vinnik Will Go To Russia, Not US, Greek Court Rules

n Alexander Vinnik, alleged operator of exchange BTC-e, will...

Jamie Dimon should ‘do some homework’ on bitcoin, says tech VC

Also, Stephens says that Dimon's comments discounting the significance of bitcoin were reflective of his lack of understanding of the technology's ...

Global Lawmakers Struggle with Cryptocurrency Regulation

As more nations come forward with their plans for cryptocurrency regulation, lawmakers’ varied approaches to the issue highlight the many challenges and difficulties presented...

October Surprise: Ripple Price Surges 30% as RippleNet Adds 100th Member

The post October Surprise: Ripple Price Surges 30% as RippleNet Adds 100th Member appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.

Looop Announces New Electricity Plan to Promote Cryptocurrency Mining

Japan has quickly become one of the most prominent regions for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is evident there will be some interesting Bitcoin-related...

ASX Request Forces Public Gaming Firm to Spin Out New ICO Startup

Australia-based gaming company iCandy Interactive has been forced to alter plans to launch a token for a planned gaming marketplace.
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