Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Russian Foreign Ministry Opposes Alleged BTC-e Operator’s Extradition to US

The entire court case involving Alexander Vinnik will drag on for quite some time to come. It seems the Russian government isn’t too pleased with...

IMF Could Issue International Cryptocurrency to Replace Dollar?

Bitcoin vs. dollar. Could IMF issue a new international reserve currency? Read about possible crypto scenario.

Chief Indian Economist: Bitcoin Won’t become a ‘Legal Currency’ in India without Regulation

A prominent Indian economist believes that bitcoin needs to be regulated in India before it will become a legal currency. In a Q&A interview...

Who Supports Segwit2x, the New York Agreement and the Upcoming Bitcoin Fork Explained

The post Who Supports Segwit2x, the New York Agreement and the Upcoming Bitcoin Fork Explained appeared first on 99 Bitcoins.nA little over 3 months...

Oracle’s Entrance Database Giant Unveils Enterprise Blockchain Strategy

Oracle has become the latest tech major to launch a cloud-based blockchain services platform. But is it cannibalizing its core business with the move

Better Off Abroad Blockchain Health Firms Are Gaining Ground Outside the US

The convoluted and heavily regulated U.S. healthcare system is sending blockchain startups packing, with the hopes of demonstating their tech abroad.

Coinlancer – Changing The Freelancer World Forever

There have been many areas of the economy over the past fifty years that have come and gone. Often, the product or service being...

Alaska’s Revised Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act Has Cryptocurrency Implications

Alaska is not a place a lot of people associate with cryptocurrency and digital assets these days. That isn’t entirely surprising, even though it seems...

Four Things That Could Take Bitcoin Prices Above $5000

After rallying from recent lows, Bitcoin prices have been stuck in the $4000-$4500 range for a couple of weeks. What will it take for...

What Is KuCoin?

It is evident the cryptocurrency industry in China has taken a few big hits of late. With ICOs being banned and major exchanges suspending...
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