Monday, November 19, 2018

Russian cybercrime suspect in $4bn bitcoin fraud case can be extradited to US, court...

Russia is also seeking alleged cybercriminal Alexander Vinnik's extradition on separate fraud charges, but no date has yet been set for that hearing.

Bitcoin may soon be a ‘rational, expected’ part of a portfolio, Bitstamp’s Dan Morehead...

Dan Morehead, chairman of digital currency exchange Bitstamp, said bitcoin and other digital currencies will likely become assets serious investors ...

Singapore Tests Blockchain Payments for 19,000 Unbanked Migrants

A new partnership in Singapore between a bank and a fintech startup aims to give migrants Blockchain payments

Bitcoin Gives Window into Rampant Money Laundering

How much money is laundered across the globe? BlackRock CEO Larry Fink believes Bitcoin can help to show it.

Particl Matures With Feature Push and New Wallet App Release

nnnnnnnnnWhile governments and mainstream media still equate privacy with onlynbad things as demonstrated by Europols recent report,nthe Particl Project has over delivered on its...

Op Ed The SEC Is Watching Cryptocurrencies, So Beware But Don’t Overreact

A startling trend has recently emerged in the cryptocurrency industry. Since July 2017, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has regularly begun asserting...

Blockchain: Best Thing For Gaming Since Invention of Internet

From tokenization to minting items, the Blockchain can add entirely new dimensions to online games

All Cryptocurrency Operations Made in One-Click with ZUMMINER!

The American team of blockchain developers has officially announced the release of its new product – ZUMMINER, a multi-currency wallet for all financial operations...

One ICO to Free Everyone From International Data Roaming

Travel startup raising money via ICO, intends to become one stop shop for travelers, end mobile roaming for good

GAW Miners CEO Held Liable for $9.8 Million Judgment in SEC Case

A US federal judge has signed off on a final judgment against GAW Miners CEO Homero Josh Garza.