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Bitcoin Just Surged Past $8000. Here's What's Causing the Spike

After dipping below $6,000 earlier this month, the price of cryptocurrency Bitcoin surged as high as $8,040 Friday on one of the world’s largest exchanges, Bitfinex. The globally weighted average-high Bitcoin prices were slightly lower, sitting at $7,998. Bitcoin prices have pared their gains since, falling to …

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Is This The One Caveat That Could Slay Bitcoin?

Though it may not be popular with those who are bullish on Bitcoin, today, we wanted to change our tone slightly and write about what we believe could be the one thing that may wind up being Bitcoin’s debilitating weakness, even as an asset over the course of the long …

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Second Class-Action Lawsuit Spells More Trouble for Tezos ICO

Things have gone from bad to worse as far as the Tezos ICO is concerned. After facing a major class-action lawsuit already, a second lawsuit has now been filed. There are evidently a lot of people who aren’t too happy with how this project is being run. It is apparent this situation will …

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