Getting It All Done in One Place With the Eidoo Multi-Wallet


If you can remember back to before the iPhone, all the way to the original iPod, you may remember the annoyance of carrying a phone and an iPod all the time. If you wanted to listen to music, you needed your iPod. If you wanted to talk on the phone you needed your phone. Once Apple put the two together…well, the rest is history.

Consumers want greater and greater levels of simplicity and ease, while at the same time wanting increasing flexibility and functionality. The cryptocurrency world is still nascent, and exchanges that sprung up at the beginning stages are being redesigned and rethought in order to create simplicity with functionality.

Eidoo’s Rethink

Eidoo, the multi-wallet application platform, has experienced this rush of consumers seeking to unite the functionality of different wallets and exchanges into a single application with a simple user interface.


The app has some amazing features that are completely new to the cryptocurrency world. First, the Eidoo platform allows consumers the ability to keep Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all ERC20 tokens in a single wallet. This allows Eidoo users the ability to keep a large array of tokens and cryptocurrencies in a single wallet.

Next, Eidoo has built and is releasing a new hybrid system that would also enable its customers the ability to actually purchase tokens directly with ETH through the app itself. The platform exchange creates smart contract that interact with token smart contracts in order to make transactions directly between ETH and ERC20 tokens. The technical details are available in the white paper. Eidoo also intends to create a hybrid exchange around Bitcoin tokens as well.

Third, Eidoo‘s new ICO Engine has created a platform where users are actually able to invest directly in ICOs without using outside exchanges. The ICO Engine makes a simple and easy to use interface for customers to be involved in ICOs through the application.

Finally, the Eidoo model includes giving private keys back into the hands of the users. By doing this, Eidoo has created real personal wallet control, continuing the vision of the earliest Bitcoin adopters.

Breaking the mold

Front runners are often condemned as foolish until their product or dream goes viral. Cryptocurrency devotees often find themselves in that position. The Eidoo application has moved the crypto world forward, and the consumers are rushing to catch up, as evidenced by the 50,000 downloads of the app in just two weeks.

The Eidoo ICO is happening right now for contributors who want to get into the platform on the ground level. But make note that the sale will end in just a few days on October 16th, so investors wanting to participate should move now. Token sale information can be found here.


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