Gizer Announces Presale of GZR Token, Starting from October 20, 2017


Gizer’s pre-ICO for GZR token is starting from October 20, 2017, as recently announced by the company. Gizer is a popular, innovative platform that connects mobile gamers via different products, services and competition on its app. At present, GZR tokens are only available to accredited investors under the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) at a 20 percent discount. The pre-sale for a general public will start from October 20.  Investors interested to purchase GZR tokens must register at, the compliance partner, in order to ensure the security of the project.

About Gizer Tokens Pre-sale ICO

Gizer, a fast growing NYC based startup, has announced the pre-sale of its ERC20 utility token, in collaboration with compliance partner The company has set the cap of $1 million to achieve, and early investors will receive a discount. The purpose of the company to open pre-sale before the public token sale is to capitalize on a positive feedback and traction gained by the recent release of their mobile platform. Total 70,000,000 GZR tokens will be offered for the sale in the ICO.

Rewards for Early Investors

The pre-sale and public sale, both will accept ETH. The first 100 investors will receive 15 percent discount while 10 percent discount will be awarded to 400 investors followed by. Accredited investors are also entitled to an exclusive 20 percent discount via SAFT, executed electronically on SAFT Launch. These investors can contribute via Ether or USD.

The Features of Gizer

  • More Options for Gamers

The beta app is currently available on iOS and Google Play Store. The platform democratizes competition for mobile gamers, enabling them to explore or create tournaments in real-time, irrespective of their skills level.

  • Gizer Network & Marketplace aspect

Competitive events, a fundamental part of Gizer network, hold a bigger vision. The network connects the gaming community members within the app’s services feed, where gaming businesses and individual freelancers can sell their products or services. This is the marketplace aspect of the platform, connecting gamers to hosts and services at a time, through various feeds.

  • GG ID

GZR tokens will give gamers an access to their Gizer Global Gaming Identity; GG ID.  They can hold any amount of GZR in their wallet and be part of it. GG ID is the Gizer profile created on the platform, that users can access via developers adopting Gizer’s technology via Gizer API. This ID consists of a customizable avatar, gamertag and gaming stats.

To know more about the platform and participate in its upcoming pre-sale ICO, please visit


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