Krosscoin – a Cross-platform App Monetization Platform


krosscoin new logoKSS introduces a consumption-based token framework that allows application developers to monetize any functional component, in any application, running on any platform. A consumption-based monetization model removes the adoption obstacles inherent in one-time fee and subscription licensing, thus freeing the developer to focus on application functionality.

With KSS, monetization increases alongside usage, incentivizing application developers to create a compelling user experience. An API interface allows for rapid integration of monetization, while payment gateways and banking relationships are unnecessary as users pay for application usage with KSS tokens, while developers are paid in KSS tokens. Our first apps utilizing the Krosscoin Platform is the patent pending Pipdroid app family. Pipdroid provides mobile execution and management of cloud-based (crypto) trading bots.

The Krosscoin team is driven by innovation. Ribbon is also one of the in-house products in beta. Ribbon converges text/voice/video communication with gifting using a cryptocurrency wallet. Ribbon enhances vital communications among teams, groups and family. Charity and non-profit organizations can utilize Ribbon for anonymous fundraising. Embedded GPS navigation allows for in-person meet-ups for social or cash to crypto transactions. Social network integration can publish “ribbons” to inspire others to contribute. Ribbon can also send signed pdf/word documents and is embedded with Google Translate.

The Krosscoin Project will begin their ITO on December 1 2017 through Feb 1 2018 in 3 ITO phases, after which KSS will be listed and traded on several exchanges as an ERC20 standard token. Pipdroid Optima is the crowning product of the Pipdroid family. This is an innovative, revolutionary cross trading brokerage/exchange platform. Pipdroid Optima allows for forex, stocks and cryptocurrency trading in the same environment. Traders can transact across multiple exchanges simultaneously, conduct rate arbitrage, or simply optimize buying or selling price. An embedded chat platform enables group coordination and knowledge sharing. Optima introduces the idea of “social trading” or “follow the expert,” where profitable portfolios can be copied, and owners of these profitable portfolios can earn KSS from their subscribers. This development requires approximately $2m to meet development, regulatory and compliance requirements. Pipdroid Optima will usher in a new level of trading for multiple markets. The Pearl and Petal product members are a precursor for what is to come.

The Krosscoin monetization platform is an open platform that will enable distribution and monetization of any application utilizing Krosscoin. The Kross Monetization Platform can also reward inventors of ideas by partnering ideas with developers and enforcing the share in revenue distribution. Further, application economies in developing countries, where distribution is limited to locally and revenue entails currency volatility, can leverage the platform for global distribution and reduced currency risk.

Full details of the Krosscoin development scope can be found in the whitepaper link on the website The Krosscoin team is made up of a highly diverse and accomplished team comprising of people with in depth knowledge in innovation, product development, information and computer technology, asset management, project management, cyber security, business development, blockchain technology,  and investment banking. Our core value is wrapped in this statement; ‘’Let’s make good happen.’’

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