MillionBitcoinCash Updated POW & POS Technology With Low Fees with limited Coins


MBCH coin announces its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for its self-evolving cryptocurrency platform. The MBCH coin ICO starts on OCT 11th, 2017 (GMT). The ICO will last for 30 days. In total, 300000 MBCH coins will be distributed.

[Note: This is a press release.]

During the ICO, participants can exchange 1 Bitcoin for 968 MBCH coin & 1 BitcoinCash for 62 MBCH coin & 1 Ethereum for 60 MBCH coins. Through this ICO, the MBCH Platform announces to give 10% bonus on purchasing MBCH coin in ICO. On October 11th, MBCH coin ICO will end and on November 11th, MBCH coin will start there 1st trade with 15USD

MBCH coin aims to create a self-evolving cryptocurrency platform. With recent technological (POW+POS) advances in genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and quantum computers, it’s even difficult to predict the next 5 years. MBCH coin aims to create a cryptocurrency adaptable in every environment.

For The First Time In Crypto industry, MBCH coin Introduces “Lending Plan” With

  • Monthly ROI 8.3% For 12 months.
  • Direct Referral Commission 10%
  • Achievers Bonus 3%-12%

MBCH coin utilizes executable smart contracts called “Trust Contracts” and has a decision-making body called the “Congress Network” to ensure perpetual adaptation. The MBCH Platform aims to accelerate the usage of MBCH coin by creating two premade apps that use MBCH coin: celebrity popularity index “Stardaq” and crowd-sourced decision-making solution “Delicacy.”

Arvind Norberg (CEO), Worked at technical team in Bitcoin cash

Now He has started his own project million bitcoin cash (MBCH) which have just 1 million coin total

“MBCH coin is the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is designed to evolve. The embedded funding system and voting solution make MBCH coin fit for every environment,” said Arvind Norberg, MBCH coin CEO.

MBCH don’t have any connection with BCH or BTC hardfork its total independent crypto based on blockchain technology.

MBCH coin demonstrated Trust Contracts on their Demo Day. The event was filled with journalists from major broadcasting studios, alongside over 200 attendees. A general overview of MBCH coin, a technical demo of Trust Contracts, and the current marketing progress was presented.



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