The Cryptum Project to Focus on the Board Games Development


There is less than 1 day left for you to join the Stage 1 sale of the Cryptum ICO project for board games development. With one of the project main goals being the development of Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game along a few more titles. A the end of the first stage of the crowdsale of tokens the project has managed to accumulate a funding in ETH and BTC in the equivalent of about $135000 USD and now with the second stage starting soon more altcoins will be supported for the purchase of Cryptum tokens. You still have the chance to get in during the first stage of the sale, though there is not much time left and as soon as it ends the tokens will be available for transfer by the users who have or will receive them, though there will still be no exchanges to trade them.

The Cryptum Stage II of the crowdsale will come with some changes and updates in the original goals and plans. The most significant being the change from 1.1 million to 150000 CRTM tokens to be sold as well as the mining project being cancelled due to not enough funding available to cover for that as well. After a professional review of Cryptum ICO project one of the recommendations was to focus on the board games development and that is what the project is indeed going to do, with some of the initially announced side projects getting cancelled. Besides the board games development, the Cryptumcoin will be developed as a miner- and trade-centric crypto currency, but more details about it are going to be released at a later time.


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