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The Sims 4 cultures, all the accessories DLC Available

Date: 4: 2014

Genre / Subjects: Artificial life management, the Sim 3D

Developer: Maxim

Published: Electronic Arts

Stage: PC

Machine: internal

Instrument: English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, The voice, The voice of one, Hebrew, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese

Musical language, Simlish

Tip: adeiledig (upgraded)

Minimum requirements:

The basis for; Windows XP(SP3)

Pentium 2 Duo / Core 1.8 GHz or better 64 4000+


Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce (6) 600 / ATI Radeon X1300 or better


Storage HDD: 22 MB

Dragon – click to enlarge


I 4 is the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life ever before possible. Sims are smarter management unique appearances, personalities, parties and passion. I want to try a new level powerful mainstream fine SimsgydaErstellenthe space of the tangents, the design of the building will be said. In the gallery you can go to the party without speaking, and you download a new story content. The judgment in the mind, with all thy heart, and in the body, your options, and keep you a new game during each stage of the production of the lanes of the Sims, who are you, your stories to life.

includes repackaging

The Need for IV, as updated

– Digital Involvement sims 4 Night – Laser light shows features and accessories are incredibly fun party hat.

Skate 4 Life -InstruktionDigitaleSpirit – Flaming Tiki Bar features and character style for your Sims.

– Digital Events Sims will likely Scene 4 – contains a collection of funny animal hats carrying your Sims will show!

– Sims 4 Digital – The track contains digital audio and music from the game.

– Never stand (Adventure World)

– Award show them (the aspirations)

– Award UV light (night)

– The Age Beacon (genealogy) Awards

– Marcus paws are worth (pet)

– Reward lightsyour name (Showtime)

– Dawn ENCHANTED Award (above)

– Whatever the weather premium (times)

– Alma reward (University)

– Plants Price (Paradise Island)

The prize for honeymooners (in the future) –

– The final Rainzer bunny Award

– A luxury luxury items

– Oh Patiorerum

– cold kitchen furniture

– Package festive celebration

– children

– romantic garden accessories

– Film Studio Hangout

– Back garden furniture

– that VintageGlamor

– Suitability Material

– Signature preparationHeart (Goulish guitar)

– Computer 3000

– Sims outdoor renovation 4

– Add 4 to work Skate

– Hotel Spa Extra Day 4

– Sims Get together Add 4

– Skate 4 cllc the creepy stuff

– I eat sims 4

– Skate 4 A city living

– Skate 4 young children

– The Sims 4 White

IV midnight bowling Skate

– Need for parents 4

repacking gifts

– The version of the ISO (19,928,776,704 bytes)

– haumgestellt

– The 100% perfect MD5: All the files after the original installation files

– All dlcoBook of additives included good

– Updated to latest version

– Nod burst encoded

– The installation operation is not required for Origin

– All 17 languages ​​are available;

significant size of compressed archive significant (-cumulatius 27 GB)

– The installation takes 15 minutes (8-core CPU) to 45 minutes (thousands of gallons CPU 2)

– HDD space after installation, 22GB

– in order to do that, all that is suited integrity test

– use of language; change the game language Bin folder game

– If you do not have to end the game or H with error Origin: Origin conclude creeps out of the game to allow access to the Internet to run a server

-SilentGate uses pZlib library Razor12911

– The repackaging FitGirl

complexion back

This is not compatible with prior replicas of refund Sims. 4

Installing problems?

This problem-solving manual Read

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