UTRUST Crowdsale, A Highly Successful Pre-ICO of Recent Times


Shortly after announcing its pre-sale offering, UTRUST, the world’s first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment platform with customer protection, was able to successfully secure $3.5 Million in private funding. Out of the total sum, $1.5 million was raised within 90 minutes.

UTRUST’s early offering was designed to gauge public interest in the project while providing loyal contributors and supporters the opportunity to buy in early and cheaply. Users who registered on the website before the 20th of September received a 20% reward on the first $10,000 contributed.

With over 2.5 billion people unbanked, unable to benefit from financial inclusion in the global emerging market, UTRUST aims to bridge this divide through the development of the first consumer protected, cryptocurrency payments platform. Backed by a highly skilled and experienced team from the legal, financial, corporate, managerial, and Information Technology sector, UTRUST’s global PayPal-like payments services will provide fast, secure, convenient, and inexpensive cryptocurrency transactions powered by blockchain technology and its unique, deflationary token.

As a part of its crowdsale campaign, UTRUST is offering a chance for participants to purchase the platform’s native tokens. These ERC20 compatible tokens are created over Ethereum protocol and can be used for making transactions over the platform’s payment gateway. All transactions conducted using the UTRUST tokens don’t incur any transaction fees. Also, these tokens can be traded against other cryptocurrencies on supported exchange and trading platforms.

UTRUST utility token has been created with innovative, self-correcting mechanisms in place to ensure its growth in market value and in turn, adoption. The platform has buyback process in place to that drives its growth and market value through buybacks and removal of tokens from supply and circulation.

The date for UTRUST public ICO is set to be announced in October. The funds generated will be used for infrastructural development and key industrial partnerships.

To learn more about UTRUST’s ICO please go to https://utrust.io/ico.


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