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Shopereum, empowering e-commerce with blockchain technology and AI


Shopereum, empowering e-commerce with blockchain technology and AI
Cryptocurrencies have come along with us for longer than we believe, in fact, 11 years have gone by now since Bitcoin was created. During this time, the great challenge of those of us who are passionate this world has always been the same: adoption. And the path of adoption is slower than many of us wish. One thing is clear: the adoption will come from the hand of two great sectors: gamming and online commerce. All the experts agree about this point which removes any doubt on this question. Well, today we bring you the breaking news about online commerce with Shopereum.

What is shopereum?
Shopereum is a company that offers a wide range of potential solutions related to the e-commerce and cryptocurrency framework. Its commitment is based on a clear aim:accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrenciesto empower merchants and buyers throughout the world. Everything running with its own token (xShop) that works on the Ethereumblockchain.
This solution is largely supported by important portals of blockchain project analysis, as evidenced by its 4.2 / 5 ratio in ICObench. One of the great references of the sector.

Fundamental characteristic of Shopereum
Although it offers many different features, we could say that the Shopereum developer team is committed to being an integrating Marketplace of all kinds of techs related to e-commerce. As a result, the buyer can now access to various markets, regardless of his software and with transparency. On the other hand, the seller can also develop their markets without looking for it in thousands of platforms.
As a basic starting point, Shopereum offers us to buy using the main cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, etc.), the native xShop token (which offers 5% discount on your purchases) or fiat money. In consequence, Shopereum accelerates adoption and empower the client and seller, thanks to the transparency of the intermediary.

Joining the pieces
In recent years, the biggestproblem in the e-commerce for cryptocurrencies has always been the same: adoption and online stores are not linked, in other words, where we have online stores developed to accept cryptocurrencies, we have few users and small marketing budgets; and where we have a wide user base (Amazon, AliExpress, etc.) we have no option of payment with cryptocurrencies. So far, all the approaches in this regard are based on wallets and extensions or plugins for browsers that allowed you to pay with cryptocurrencies in some of these popular websites. Nevertheless, they are just stopgap measure, not anultimate solution.
The aim of Shopereum is to go one step further and make all that integration into a single Marketplace within the platform itself.

The business model
Therefore, Shopereum can be defined as theMARKET in capital, integrator of markets or second level Marketplace.
Under the umbrella of Shopereum, the owners of small online stores can easily integrate,thus allowing access to a much larger base of potential customers. In addition, apart from solving some technical problems thanks to receiving Shopereum technology, they can also set their payment platform to receive payments in anycurrency type. It is all the more advantageousas it converts all cryptocurrencies to fiat at the same time the purchase is made, applying the exchange rate in effect at that time.
Buyers have the advantage of having many markets grouped under the same portal and with the possibility of obtaining additional discounts (payment with xShop token) and using their cryptocurrencies to buy. Although we do not forget thatfiat money will also be accepted, considering the strategy of trying to reach the whole world.
In addition, Shopereum tells us that this drop-shipping strategy – which in itself would be a breakthrough on current cryptocurrency e-commerce options – will be complemented and improved with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool which will optimize searches to help us find the best products at the best prices within any of the integrated markets.

The xShop token starts trading
Technologically, Shopereum has developed its platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The operating token of the platform is the xShop token and will allow us to obtain discounts. These are its basic features:
• Name: Shopereum token v1.0
• Symbol: xShop
• Technology: ERC-20 token
• Total amount: 600,000,000
• Free-float in circulation: 180,000,000
The developers estimate that the platform is running in August 2020, nevertheless the token starts trading on January 25!
So, xShop tokens can be bought and sold in the Coineal exchange on January 25, and Lukki exchange on February04. However it will not be until March when the tokens can be deposited and removed, when their implementation on the platform has been well tested. This is a very common defensive maneuver in cryptocurrency exchange houses.
To celebrate this launch, we have a trading contest on the Coineal platform itself. A total of 250 xShop will be distributed in a classification that will cover the first 10 of the contest (starting with 100 xShop for the first, 50 xShop for the second, 30 xShop for the third, and 10 xShop for those classified from 4 to 10).

We will have to be very attentive and closely analize the evolution of this project because it promises a great revolution. They have a very ambitious roadmap and a very well defined value proposal.

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