Thursday, June 20, 2019
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F2Pool Deals Possible Death Blow to SegWit2x Fork, Withdraws Support

n F2Pool becomes the latest company to withdraw from...

New Proposal Aims to Make Cryptocurrencies Legal in Ukraine

Various countries around the world are currently in the process of either regulating or banning cryptocurrencies. It seems there is no middle ground in...

Stellar Rally: Bitcoin Is Up 75 Percent on September Lows

The price of bitcoin is back above $5,000 - but while this is a slight month-over-month gain, the delta in that time may be one...

Tokenization Links Digital and Real Worlds Together

The hype around blockchain seems to have subsided since 2016, however, it did not die but relocated from media headlines to practical applications. One...

F2Pool Stops Signalling for SegWit2x as Bitcoin Price Surges Past $5,200

The post F2Pool Stops Signalling for SegWit2x as Bitcoin Price Surges Past $5,200 appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.

Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin: Coinbase Enables ‘Instant’ Purchases for US Buyers

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that purchases of bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin will now be instant - for some customers.

eLTC Is Another Useless ERC20 Token Issued on the Ethereum Blockchain

We have seen a lot of new ERC20 tokens come to market over the past few months. Most of these tokens were created as a result...

Whatever You Say, Jamie! JPMorgan CEO Will ‘Stop Talking About Bitcoin’

Jamie Dimon has said he will not talk about Bitcoin anymore as JPMorgan’s CFO says it is “open-minded” to cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin surges above $5000

The rise is remarkable because there has been quite a bit of unfavorable news about Bitcoin in recent weeks. China, one of the biggest...

Jamie Dimon Says He’s Done Talking About Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon, head of Wall Street banking giant JPMorgan Chase, has said he won't be talking about bitcoin following his controversial "fraud" comment.
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