Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Coinlancer To Freelancers: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

Freelance writers and creators have a general distrust of the traditional freelance system. However, a new platform called Coinlancer is putting the power of...

Honda Unveils Prototype of Humanoid Robot for Disaster Response

Robots can come in many different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be deployed for many different reasons, including offering relief to disaster-stricken areas. One...

Former Bundesbank Chief: Bitcoin Doesn’t Meet Full Definition of a Currency

UBS chairman Axel Weber offered a strong rebuke of cryptocurrencies during an event in ZÜrich earlier today.

Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e ‘Operator’ Vinnik Faces US Trial Unless Supreme Court Intervenes

Alexander Vinnik appears to be losing the battle to clear his name over activities relating to Bitcoin exchange BTC-e.

From Messengers to Food Reviews, Companies Incorporate Blockchain into Apps

How established firms are incorporating Blockchain into their apps.

Ripple Price Consolidates, But Could It ‘Swell’ Toward New Highs?

Price action and historical analysis suggests brighter days ahead for the XRP/USD exchange rate.

8 Reasons to Join the Dentacoin ICO

Dentacoin, the first cryptocurrency designed for the global dental industry, offers a unique opportunity for everyone to become involved in improving dental health around...

Quoine is the First Regulated Exchange to Create an ICO

Given the negative stance on ICOs around the world, this industry faces a lot of challenges. That doesn’t mean fewer The post Quoine is...

Tokenbox, an All-Purpose Solution for Fund Managers and Investors

Addressing a major industry conference today in Barcelona, Viktor Shpakovsky, co-founder of  The Token Fund, a crypto asset investment vehicle, outlined the benefits he...

Paradex Aims to Facilitate Peer-to-peer In-Wallet ERC20 Token Trading

The 0x protocol will surprise a lot of people in the coming months. Thanks to its focus on ERC20 token trading, any platform can...