BlockEx Markets Accepts Ethereum Deposits


BlockEx Markets is now accepting Ethereum deposits on its Digital Asset Exchange Platform, joining Bitcoin and Fiat as available deposit options.

The BlockEx ICO Market allows users to participate in various ICOs from a single platform, using a variety of currencies. Frequently, the best ICOs will sell out almost instantaneously. BlockEx’s Pot Allocation System means DAXT holders can guarantee an allocation. If a pre-sale is oversubscribed, tokens are allocated in proportion to the amount of funds subscribed, so everyone gets some tokens. Now that BlockEx’s platform can accept Ethereum, it is even quicker and easier to buy DAXT. However, it is the ability to buy into ICOs using Fiat that has many excited about BlockEx’s platform.

The only way users should contribute to the BlockEx ICO, or any other ICOs hosted in the BlockEx ICO Market, is via the BlockEx Platform. BlockEx commented:

Any person asking you for a personal deposit of Ethereum, or any other currency, could be attempting to defraud you. BlockEx aims to bring good governance and a regulatory framework to the ICO market, but vigilance is still required.

BlockEx is currently in the general sale for their utility token, the DAXT. DAXT guarantees an allocation of the high-quality ICO tokens available for pre-sale in the BlockEx ICO Market. The BlockEx ICO Market was built in anticipation of future regulation with full KYC and AML checks in place, and only lists the utility tokens of high-quality ICOs.

The general sale for the DAXT is running from the 10th of February to the 26th of February 2017. To participate in the ICO, you must create an account on, pass the KYC checks, deposit into your account using either ETH, BTC or Fiat, then buy DAXT. To pass KYC, you will need to submit proof of ID, a selfie with your ID, and a proof of address that is no more than 3 months old.

About BlockEx

BlockEx’s Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP) is an institutional grade exchange with blockchain asset origination, dematerialization, and lifecycle management tools. The BlockEx DAxP includes a digital asset creation tool, exchange, clearing, settlement, registry and brokerage software. The offices are in London, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and Israel.

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