Wednesday, March 20, 2019

‘Everything Blockchain’ Is No Joke, Taking World By Storm

Is Blockchain really suitable for everything, or is this just the latest fad?

Everything Blockchain Is No Joke, Taking World By Storm

n Is Blockchain really suitable for everything, or is...

Bitcoin Meets Netflix? Laolu Is Building a Lightning-Powered App for That

The Lightning Network isn't yet live on bitcoin, but that doesn't mean developers aren't theorizing the kinds of ambitious apps that it could enable.

Chaos, Hackers Still Rife in Wild West of Exchanges

There is a lot that can happen to your Bitcoin if things go wrong at an exchange, and relatively speaking, there is a lot...

Calm Before the Fork Segwit2x Goes Silent as Bitcoin Split Looms

With a lull in activity, what's really going on under the Segwit2x hood According to many developers, now is the calm before the storm.

EU Draft Report Customs Agents Ill-Equipped to Monitor Cryptocurrencies

MEPs are worried about the monitoring of cryptocurrencies at EU borders, according to a draft report.

Swiss Public University Begins Accepting Bitcoin

Switzerland's Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has announced that it will accept bitcoin as payment for student expenses.

ICO Central Why Switzerland Will Remain Crypto Valley

Switzerland is poised to remain a hotbed of ICO activity, despite regulatory actions. But it should not try to be the only hub, writes...

Singapore’s Central Bank Plans to Regulate Bitcoin Payments

The minister for the Monetary Authority of Singapore has said the institution is working to create a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency payments.