Particl Matures With Feature Push and New Wallet App Release

nnnnnnnnnWhile governments and mainstream media still equate privacy with onlynbad things as demonstrated by Europols recent report,nthe Particl Project has over delivered on its...

Blockchain: Best Thing For Gaming Since Invention of Internet

From tokenization to minting items, the Blockchain can add entirely new dimensions to online games

All Cryptocurrency Operations Made in One-Click with ZUMMINER!

The American team of blockchain developers has officially announced the release of its new product – ZUMMINER, a multi-currency wallet for all financial operations...

One ICO to Free Everyone From International Data Roaming

Travel startup raising money via ICO, intends to become one stop shop for travelers, end mobile roaming for good

Bitcoin Gold – A friendly dividend fork, or Bitcoin’s disaster recovery plan?

On October 25th, the Bitcoin blockchain is set to hard fork and create a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Existing private keys holding a Bitcoin...

Aleksandr Vinnik to Be Extradited over Cyber-Crimes

Earlier today, a court in Thessaloniki, Greece, approved an extradition request against Aleksandr Vinnik made by the US. The 38-year-old Russian stands accused of...

GAW Miners CEO Held Liable for $9.8 Million Judgment in SEC Case

A US federal judge has signed off on a final judgment against GAW Miners CEO Homero Josh Garza.

New Transparent Blockchain-Based Cloud Platform by Oracle and Its Leading Competitors

New transparent Blockchain-based Cloud Platform? Oracle, SAP, Intel, Cisco, IBM are working towards it.

CEX.IO has launched the trading of Dash: Why is it called a Digital Cash?

The 1st Annual Dash Conference took place in London on September 24th. The Dash Core team has offered some clarity onto the governance of...

Axel Weber on BTC: The High-Finance Bitcoin Bashing Continues

Bundesbank chairman and former President, Axel Weber, became the latest in the recent spate of voices bad-mouthing Bitcoin. Speaking at a conference arranged by...