POV Crypto – Fight Night VIII: BTC is 0-1, is Ethereum is 10x? POV Token. Bancor Anti-Maximalism.

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Published on October 10th, 2019 by

David and Christian discuss recent arguments, debate, and laugh in this latest edition of Fight Night!

Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO

Common Bitcoiner criticisms of Ethereum

Is the EF an authority on Ethereum’s direction?

Difference between business models of autonomous applications vs. businesses

Using Peter Thiel’s metaphors: Bitcoin is 0-1, is Ethereum a 10x improvement?

POV Crypto has a token! 69 POV’s worth $6.9 each on Uniswap. It does nothing.

David goes off on Bancor and its attempt to subvert Ether in Ethereum, while Bancor pretending it’s an ally of the DeFi movement

What stability really means in hard money assets.


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