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Confido ICO Raises $340K, Vanishes

The Confido ICO has raised $347K, and then disappeared with no trace of the founders, the website or the money.

Dash Hits USD Record $570 On 2MB Block Upgrade, Zimbabwe Deal

Investors have reacted hugely positively to 2MB blocks and transaction fee reductions for Dash.

Breaking: Paris Asset Manager Starts Bitcoin Mutual Fund

Institutional investors looking for Bitcoin exposure now have a new friend in France with the TOBAM asset management company, who has announced the first...

Pilot Program KuvaCash Seeks to Bring Dash to Zimbabwe

A pilot program funded by the Dash treasury system called KuvaCash seeks to bring the cryptocurrency to Zimbabwe in response to the growing demand...

When will Bitcoin ETFs get approval?

When will Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) be approved? In March this year the Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin ETF application was rejected by the Securities...

More Pirate Miners Riding the Crypto Gold Rush

While there has been a spate of so-called Crypto Pirate Mining uncovered, on sites like The Pirate Bay and even Showtime, it turns out...

Bitcoin Gold Still Lacks Two-way Replay Protection Three Days Before the...

Hard forks will continue to dominate Bitcoin-related chatter for quite some time to come. First of all, we have Bitcoin Gold to contend with...

Prince Alwaleed says bitcoin will implode: ‘Enron in the making’

Saudi billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said Monday that bitcoin will "implode" one day. "It just doesn't make sense. This thing is not regulated,...

As Bitcoin Price Hits Record Highs, Australia’s Government Considers Digital Currencies...

As bitcoin’s valued soared to record heights over the weekend, the Australian government heard evidence on digital currencies and its tax implications. On Saturday, bitcoin’s...

Foxconn Backs $16 Million Series B for Bitcoin Startup Abra

Bitcoin startup Abra has completed a $16 million Series B led by manufacturing giant Foxconn. Announced today at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas, the new...
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