CopiCO-Masternode Coin with a Theme of Acquire Adopt Accomplish-ICO Starts from October 17th on Mercatox Exchange


CopiCo is a masternode coin and a privacy focused crypto currency lighting fast transactions. Masternodes enable the Darksend and InstaSend features to CopiCo. And the master node operators get benefitted by becoming the part of the infrastructure of CopiCo coin; they get returns for securing and running the network. They get a nice and passive income; also their asset will be appreciated over time depending on CopiCo performance.

CopiCo is not just one simple currency, it is build upon our vision, a vision to revive the sidelined altcoins by adapting their ideas and accomplish their road maps to lift off its value. Our team carefully chooses sidelined altcoins, which have achievable and profitable roadmaps. We conscientiously assess the scope of the project before adopting it.

Once the coin is chosen, we take possession of considerable lot of coins from the market, this stake is going to be our reward after the roadmap is accomplished and the value of the coin surged.

We are aspiring to make CopiCo the most sought after among all masternode coins, with the unique and novel business model CopiCo will stand out in the market. And we are opening our gates for careers and strategic partnerships.

Copico will be hosting its ICO on mercatox exchange starting from 17th of October 2017.The price for the ICO period as follows:

ICO coins: 98,000,000

ICO price: 0.00000100 (100 sats) for week 1

0.00000120(120 sats) in 2nd week

0.00000125(125 Sats) in 3rd week

0.00000130(130 sats) in the last week.

Link for ICO (opens on 17th of October)

For more information visit:

Blue paper link :

Whitepaper link :

Twitter :


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