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Pitch Perfect 3

O 3 film and the third pitch, “Oh pitch” franchise he had stayed at the team competitions, Anna Kendrick, The Wilson and returned to Britain roles in the Rain.

Language: English


Clade: NA

General release date: March 28, 2017


Duration: Not available

Dispenser Asia International Pictures

Cast: Anna Kendrick, The Wilson Hailes Steinfeld Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks

Director: Elizabeth Banks

Format: 2D

After the debut of inI World Championship, now divorced BellusIn the last corner of calculating the use of competing, but the use of instruments and voices groups to face. In most of the world, no matter Bellas discovered that divides the music into their own. But, where she had met in the use of the power of, in a way, this group of nerds verenigMaak music and a fantastic disputes, however, as soon as decisions.

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